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Golden Corral’s legendary endless buffet features an abundant selection of delicious all-time favorites and new menu products for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Guests can choose from over 150 items including USDA, grilled to buy sirloin steaks, pork, seafood, and shrimp alongside traditional favorites like pot roast, fried chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, Bourbon Street Chicken, fresh salads, our well-known yeast rolls, the Brand New Smokehouse and a lot more.

Company to others is really a hallmark from the That also includes service to our guests, U.S. military active duty members, veterans as well as their families, and our personal employees. We all do this through Military Appreciation Night for U.S. military members, Camp Corral to support military children, GC Cares for our own employees who may have experienced unforeseen emergencies, and many others national and local not-for-profits.

Ever wonder why Golden Corral is “America’s #1 buffet”? It starts with the golden rolls, obviously-but here’s the complete story!

For many individuals, Golden Corral’s legendary buffet is the best method to spend a Sunday morning. (We love breakfasts that feed a crowd!) The family-friendly chain has all of the American essentials on its menu, and everything is all-you-can-eat. Golden Corral has spent the very last 45 years perfecting its restaurants-here’s a look at the techniques to their success.

1. They love kids.

Monday through Thursday nights, kids eat for cheap. Plus, with the options, you’re guaranteed to find something for your pickiest eater. Have a child under 3? They eat at no cost!

(Talking about picky eaters, listed below are 15 secret weapons for parents of particular kids.)

2. They love veterans, too.

Golden Corral has given more than 5.1 million free meals to active duty military and veterans, and contains donated $12.9 million to Disabled American Veterans. Additionally they host a camp called Camp Corral for children of injured, ill and fallen military members. Over the past 6 years, Golden Corral restaurants have raised over $9 million and sent nearly 18,000 military children to Camp Corral.

3. Golden Corral started small.

The very first Golden Corral was a 175-seat steakhouse in Fayetteville, North Carolina, way back in 1973. From these humble beginnings, they’ve grown to roughly 500 locations around the U.S. (Here’s another famous chain having a surprising start.)

4. There’s a breakfast buffet.

On weekends, you definitely need to get to Golden Corral for breakfast spread, with omelets and cooked-to-order eggs, pancakes and waffles, sausage and bacon, cinnamon rolls and fruit…we could go on, but let’s just say it’s great. The cost is right, too-under $9.

5. The salad bar is out-of-this-world.

Diners recommend Golden Corral’s signature salad bar. With tons of different options to create the salad of your dreams, this GC staple alone will be worth the trip. Bring on the bacon bits!

(Need to increase the amount of greens for your meals in the home? These 35 salad ideas are significantly more exciting than another Caesar salad for lunch.)

6. Two words: chocolate fountain.

Golden Corral doesn’t just stop at classic treats. Their dessert buffet features freshly spun cotton candy, and in addition they get their Famous Chocolate Fountain-with plenty of treats for dunking. Some locations qesjwf hold the triple fountain, with chocolate, white chocolate and caramel, so you can really Willy Wonka out.

Fondue? Similar to fun-due! Bring the chocolate fountain in your kitchen using this easy fondue recipe.

7. Golden Corral features a smoked menu.

In 2017, Golden Corral added its new Smokehouse menu, which includes brisket, baby back ribs, turkey and chicken smoked with hickory wood. All meat is smoked and cooked on-site, and you may douse your feast with many different different barbecue sauces. Yum!

Here’s how to turn your very own grill right into a smoker.

8. You may get Golden Corral to go.

Craving GC but genuinely wish to relax at home, too? Get the buffet to visit! While they offer only delivery through GrubHub in the Winston-Salem location for now, you could enter in the restaurant and top off to-go boxes with your favorites. Price depends on weight once you have a look at.

9. Golden Corral has swag.

Are you currently a ride-or-die Golden Corral fan? Have a look at these T-shirts on Amazon, and wear your heart on the sleeve. In the end, if you’re the Queen in the Golden Corral, people need to find out!