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What sort of results can one expect? In accordance with my type of skin, the number of treatments will I need? There are plenty of variables to be considered including skin colour, hair thickness, hair colour, age, hormonal issues,medications, pre-treatment exposure to the sun and lifestyle to name but a few. These variables have to be taken into account as results will differ for each and every individual.

Important observation: Permanent hair reduction, performed by a highly trained and skilled Therapist utilising the most recent and many appropriate medical grade lasers (not IPL) for your specific type of skin and situation, could be expected after completing a series of treatments over approximately a twelve month period at 6-10 weeks apart. During your initial consultation the therapist must be able to inform you what results you can expect to see. This is important in determining which kind of Laser is best suited to you personally.

Can I Pluck, Wax or shave Pre-Treatment? No plucking or waxing but shaving is ok on the day of the treatment. You must also limit exposure to the sun and self-tanning lotions a minimum of three weeks just before your treatment so there’s enough contrast in between your skin as well as your hair for the treatment to function. Is Post-Treatment Irritation is common? If you see that your skin is slightly red or irritated after Dermes, don’t worry. This can be typical, as well as a cool compress or ice pack will help.

Permanent hair removal has become probably the most popular beauty treatments accessible to both men and women, providing long-lasting hair reduction for legs, backs, bikinis, underarms, facial hair and brazilians.

Not just is hair laser removal a a shorter time intensive and much more affordable long term hair removal option, it also diminishes painful, annoying ingrown hairs.Laser operates by targeting your hair follicle, which destroys the ajahlg bulb and eliminates further development in that region. So say bon voyage to unsightly, red bumps forever!

The ideal results for most people are achieved with the use of medical grade Lasers (not IPL) created specifically for Permanent Hair reduction providing as much as 90% effective and lasting results over a series of treatments. Specialist Laser Clinics such as You by Dermes Medilase’s Laser Clinics utilize specific lasers for all kinds of skin to accomplish optimum outcomes for their clients.

Top 5 main reasons why Hair Laser Removal is made for you: Ditch the razor – and go for more durable smooth skin. You are able to spend the summer months experiencing and enjoying the sunshine as opposed to wasting hours together with your shaver worrying about unwanted body hair! Due to the way laser works it may prevent as well as treat ingrown hairs.

Appropriate for men and women of most ages and all of kinds of skin. Laser hair removal is actually a quick solution for permanent hair reduction when compared with electrolysis, which is much more time consuming. Hair laser removal is an extremely safe technique providing you are treated with a qualified therapist